Artificial Intelligence in Business-to-Business Overview

Artificial intelligence allows for the automation of complex intellectual tasks normally requiring human labor. Artificial intelligence systems are used in businesses in myriad ways. AI's use in finance, utilities, manufacturing, security, real estate, construction, accounting, and more testifies to the wide-ranging potential artificial intelligence has to positively impact B2B businesses of all kinds. is among the first companies working on AI in B2B to make custom AI software development more targeted and affordable for a wider range of clients.

AI in B2B

The uses of AI in B2B are wide-ranging, but can generally fall under a few AI software development categories.

Artificial Intelligence in Information Technology

Artificial intelligence may be most obviously used in the improvement of IT capabilities. Artificial intelligence can be used to improve cyber security by actively monitoring reported threats and methods of addressing them, and implementing those security improvements in real time. Such AI may over time learn to better determine the higher authority security information sources to ensure better results. AI can also be used for more practical security applications, such as monitoring the internet of things (IoT) inside of buildings and sending alert to the appropriate people when there is suspicious activity occurring. AI can also be used to optimize networks as well as data storage and retrieval, ensuring that businesses get the best performance from the products and services they use to get work done.

Artificial Intelligence for Business Productivity

AI may also be used to enhance business productivity in myriad ways. From improved accounting, logistics, eCommerce, to virtual customer/client relationship management (CRM) tools, automated business intelligence, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, AI can add greater breadth and depth to B2B businesses' communications and productivity tools. Artificial intelligence allows B2B businesses to better leverage big data, both their own and that acquired through online resources, to more effectively target their potential clients and customers. AI also helps business leaders make better decisions in how they organize logistics, production, and inventory, along with helping businesses nurture new and long-standing client and customer relationships to be more personalized, responsive, and conducive to long-term growth. AI for BI allows businesspeople the change to filter through the noise of highly specialized economic information to focus on the items that matter most to their business at that particular time, helping B2B companies better strategize for success in response to continually changing markets. In eCommerce, AI allows B2B businesses to ensure that each customer's shopping experience is tailored to their particular needs, with items highlighted based upon buying patterns in various demographics as well as individual buying patterns compared to overall shopping histories.

Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service and Engagement

Artificial intelligence will help the business-to-business sector engage in better customer service. As lean manufacturing principles continue to influence the labor structure and workflow patterns of all kinds of businesses, companies are continually challenged to find the time needed to engage with customers as needs arise without distracting from other core productivity requirements. Virtual chatbots with artificial intelligence allow the company to engage with customers and clients without the need of human intervention, and can learn based on expanded information and its own recorded track record of results. AI can be used to automate social media channels, creating content based on existing company content and current high-engagement topics to keep brands relevant while limiting time spent on maintaining social media. AI social media management software can also alert companies when a particularly important conversation is heating up that is worthy of attention. AI can also filter through hashtag conversations, groups, and other relevant social media channels to determine where input would help a business gain better traction in their market. AI can also be used to enhance the user experience of websites, customizing content presentation to the web visitor based on their geographic location and other factors. With a login system, personalized website presentations with AI can become even further customized.

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