Artificial Intelligence B2B Website Design

Businesses in the B2B sector, like virtually all other modern businesses, depend upon high quality websites to attract and keep customers and clients. Websites serve as the central hub of information about a company and the products and services it offers. But websites are generally static, and rely upon the user's choices to determine to what content the visitor is exposed. This is where AI steps in. Artificial intelligence can be used in website design to make for more interactive websites that tailor their content presentation specifically to each user based upon their profile established from Google Analytics, their demonstrated behavior, and other potential information sources. AI also empowers websites through the use of chatbots and AI SEO content generation assistance. is an AI software development company that is committed to designing and developing custom and affordable artificial intelligence solutions for B2B businesses that increase the impact of their websites and thus attract and retain customers. The below are just a few examples of how AI can improve B2B website design across a wide range of industries.

Artificial Intelligence for Search Engine Optimization

A website's value is determined in large part from the rank it can achieve on the major search engines, particularly Google. However, search engine optimization is a complex task that requires a lot of effort. AI can assist B2B businesses with both the creation of new SEO content and the improvement of existing content. AI websites can include SEO evaluation tools that help authors create high value URLs, descriptions, tags, and headers for given topics. Specific tools can automatically add alt tags to images based upon AI computer vision analysis. Other tools can specifically aide writers to enhance the emotional impact of their content and thus improve engagement and the chances for conversion. AI website tools can also allow for content curation, adding suggested reading links to related external sources where appropriate, and adding quotations, images, videos, and other references where appropriate and available.

More advanced SEO AI tools will generate content for the website itself based upon existing content and related content on the web. Natural language processing and generation work together with AI SEO analysis to determine the highest value topics for new content pages and how to write those pages in a way that will make them most competitive for clicks from the major search engines. These tools can optimize titles, URLs, descriptions, headers, and on-page content for maximum click-through-rate (CTR) and session time, plus reduced bounce back. Content can be based upon selected internal documents such as newsletters and reports, or any other information made available to the automated content generation tool. Such tools are already being used effectively by major news organizations and others seeking to produce large volumes of content rapidly to ensure relevancy on the web. By allowing the AI website to write SEO content for itself, B2B businesses reduce the time and effort taken to write content from scratch and thus compete for rank on search engines with growing results over time.

Customized Website Content Presentations

Typically website visitors decide for themselves what content they seek to explore. New AI tools that leverage existing Google Analytics can help personalize the website content presentation for particular audiences automatically, serving the content that is most relevant and impactful for each particular user. Google Analytics can detect the location of website visitors based upon IP addresses. AI tools can use this information to present the website differently depending upon from which city, metro area, region, and/or country the user is visiting. This can include automatically adjusting content to highlight service to those particular locations, as well as organizing the site structures such as menus in a way that matches local markets best. For example, a company selling tools may offer those with imperial measurements only to US customers, and metric tools to the rest of the global market. Products and services that are particularly popular to specific locations can be highlighted with added banners or call-to-action popups.

Website content presentation can be based upon other detectable audience factors as well. AI websites can show different content based upon which website referred them to the AI website. Different content presentations can be dedicated to first-time and returning website visitors. Content can also be tailored to specific devices, browsers, and operating systems for additional marketing specialization. User interaction, including page view pathways, interaction with banners and other pop-ups, and more can all trigger different behavior from the AI website for additional customization per visitor. These features give AI websites an upper hand in capturing the attention of website visitors and maximizing the chance for them to convert to leads or customers, or make purchases of additional products or services for returning customers.

AI Website Chatbot

AI chatbots are another way AI websites can increase engagement with visitors and drive higher conversion rates. AI chatbots use natural language processing and generation to respond to specific customer inquiries. AI chatbots may pop up automatically for all visitors, or come up for only new visitors, or those that demonstrate specific usage patterns on the website. Responses can be generated from website content and include links to relevant pages. AI chatbots can also put website visitors in touch with a live agent for more important matters. AI chatbots can also help determine a website visitors' particular needs for products and services and direct them to content pages that describe a suitable offering from the company. If conversion doesn't follow, AI chatbots can ask for input as to why the visitor turned down an offer and determine if an alternative product or service the company provides may suit the individual's needs better. AI chatbots help make website experiences much more personal while reducing the labor required for direct customer service and support with a live agent, and as such represent a strong opportunity to keep leads engaged and customers satisfied.


The AI software development company is dedicated to creating custom artificial intelligence solutions that are targeted towards individual client needs and remain affordable for a broader number of businesses in the business-to-business sector. As a division of DDA, rests upon a 30+ year legacy of continual growth in technological capabilities and innovation in design. With a history of developing everything from interactive eLearning platforms, virtual medical simulations, diagnostic and research platforms, peer-to-peer collaboration and deep learning applications, interactive education and research platforms, and more, is ready to usher in the era of AI for all kinds of B2B businesses. Learn more about the many ways AI will benefit B2B companies by browsing this website, or if you have a particular idea in mind you wish to discuss, contact today.

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