AI will play many crucial roles in the manufacturing industry. From manufacturing planning and production software, robotics, computer vision, diagnostics and maintenance to customer and supplier relationship management tools and more, artificial intelligence and manufacturing are a perfect match for each other. is an AI software development company that is focused on making custom artificial technologies in B2B businesses that are more affordable and accessible for a wider number of needs and budgets. The below are just a few examples of artificial intelligence applications in design and manufacturing that will enhance capabilities, boost productivity, and improve efficiency for greater profitability.

AI CRM/SRM Systems

Artificial intelligence can be used to improve the functionality and optimize the workflows managed through customer and supplier relationship management (CRM/SRM) software systems. CRM software helps manufacturers keep engaged with their customers and clients, facilitating new work orders in more automated fashion. Artificial intelligence can be used to help suggest improvements and/or alternatives for various product orders where available, and can also offer important insight into how customers and clients change their buying behaviors over time. Natural language processing can be used in chatbots that help customers and clients find the products and services they need from manufacturers in a shorter period of time.

Manufacturers' relationships to suppliers can also be improved through the use of artificial intelligence systems. New AI SRM applications can be developed which optimize inventories based on current demand, past seasonal changes, and anticipated fluctuations that continue to improve over time based upon performance. Orders for raw materials and components can then be automated to coincide with inventory and productivity goals as determined by the manufacturer.

AI in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software and Other Manufacturing Operations Management Systems

AI ERP Software

ERP systems can leverage all the benefits AI has to offer to CRM software, but additionally will empower and/or automate better inventory and order management, accounting processes, payroll, human resources, production, and distribution. AI can be used to automate many of the routine accounting and payroll processes, and can also help direct and redirect workflows between employees based upon workloads, availabilities, and individual skill sets. AI workflow management can be improved over time based upon accumulated performance history. AI can be used to automate orders based upon optimally determined inventory numbers coordinated with fluctuating production patterns. Production can be coordinated based upon optimal timing of use of inventory and satisfaction of current client demands. ERP AI can perform particularly well when coordinated with IoT features that help account for inventory, staff assignments, and the like on the ground in real time.

AI Manufacturing Planning, Production, and Management Software

AI can be used in manufacturing planning, production, and management software to keep manufacturing operating at peak productivity and efficiency. Artificial intelligence will be able to use the monitoring systems on the manufacturing robots and machines to assess the relative wear on parts and alert managers when maintenance and repair should be performed to optimize production. This will also help manufacturers extend the remaining useful life (RUL) of their equipment, thus reducing capital development costs.

AI manufacturing production software can also be used for quality control, leveraging IoT infrastructure on the production line to monitor all the sensor inputs monitoring the performance of all machines and robots involved in the manufacturing process to detect any changes that may result in reduced product quality. Certain products may also be manufactured with IoT features to report information relating to actual use on the field back to the manufacturer, helping them plan the production process more effectively for the real-world demands that will be placed on the product. Wherever artificial intelligence is used in manufacturing operations, it will make it easier to increase productivity, improve efficiency and quality, and reduce overhead, making for an overall tighter manufacturing operation that benefits the manufacturer and consumers alike.

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