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Real estate is a prime example of where artificial intelligence can leverage big data to help empower commerce in new and more effective means. is an AI software development firm that is committed to developing custom artificial intelligence solutions that are affordable for a broader range of B2B businesses. AI can offer numerous ways to benefit real estate, from the initial building design and construction, to marketing, buying, and selling.

Artificial Intelligence for Building Information Modeling

Architecture and building engineering are perpetual challenges in B2B real estate. Large buildings with diverse workforce that have differing schedules and needs require complex solutions to maximize benefits for everyone involved. Artificial intelligence can power building information modeling (BIM) software that helps architects, construction teams, and building engineers determine how to structure environments to ensure safety, maximize productivity and efficiency, allow for continual improvement, and make for easier and less time-consuming maintenance procedures. How rooms interact with HVAC systems and windows to impact climate control can all be optimized to the unique circumstances of specific businesses, industries, buildings, and locations by using AI tools to draw from complex data sets and determine the optimum design compromises to achieve the best balance across competing goals. BIM technology can also utilize sensors in key structure points to indicate weaknesses that may evolve over time, thus allowing maintenance crews to address problems before they begin negatively affecting tenants. AI BIM software is sure to help B2B real estate create work environments that more effectively and reliably meet tenant needs with less active intervention from maintenance crews than ever before.

Artificial Intelligence for Smart-Building Systems

AI can help real estate companies design better work environments that leverage IoT devices and sensors to adjust the environment to conform to real-time needs in smart building systems. Lights, heating, air conditioning, and powering on and off of devices such as computers, printers, and more can all be managed dynamically by coordinating information from building sensors and adjusting offices to meet the immediate needs as people leave areas and arrive at others. This not only relieves workers from setting up their work environments; it also helps businesses save money by reducing the power consumption used to light, climate control, and power devices after workers have left the room. AI can also be used to govern access to different areas of a building, using biomarkers like finger prints, retina scans, and the like to get through security checkpoints in a more secure manner than cards and passwords. As more of the workplace infrastructure gains IoT features, the work environment will more closely follow worker needs on a moment-by-moment basis, allowing for more efficient power use with less effort.

Artificial Intelligence for Real Estate Marketing and Sales

AI real estate applications can sort through massive layers of data on changing housing prices based on style, size, accommodations, location, and other factors, and match buyers to the perfect opportunities for them. Those specializing in real estate for businesses understand how important it is to maximize the value for buyers while also delivering in a timely manner. AI business intelligence platforms for real estate will help realtors have a broader and more detailed understanding of the business real estate market to more effectively find the properties that will work best for their clients and help drive long-term profitability for the realtor.

About is an AI software development company that is committed to making custom artificial intelligence solutions that are affordable for the broader business-to-business sector. As a division of DDA, has a 25-year history of serving companies both small and large, and understands how to find the appropriate solutions for each company's goals, budget, and timeline. Having proven itself as a highly capable custom software development firm through the creation of custom eLearning applications, virtual medical simulations, medical diagnostic and research platforms, education and career research and guidance platforms, advanced eCommerce platforms, point-of-sale (POS) applications, and more, is well prepared to navigate the challenges of effectively handling big data to produce tangible results for clients and end-users alike. Explore this website to learn more about the impact artificial intelligence will have on business, or if you have a particular need in mind you think would be best met through the use of AI, contact for a free, no obligation consultation.


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