Artificial Intelligence Systems

There are many types of artificial intelligence systems that can benefit B2B businesses. is an AI software development company that is focused on finding innovative applications of machine learning in the business-to-business sector. Artificial intelligence technologies in B2B businesses may use a wide variety of coding styles, from rule-based machine learning, convolutional neural networks, and recurrent neural networks, to long short-term memory, reinforcement learning, and more. Information technology (IT) service providers, accounting firms, fintech companies, utilities, manufacturing companies, building and construction companies, security and defense firms, real estate businesses, insurance companies, and more can all benefit from artificial intelligence solutions. Below are some examples of medical AI platforms.

Artificial Intelligence Systems in Business-to-Business (B2B)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) artificial intelligence software solutions will benefit a wide range of B2B businesses by allowing AI to automate a wide variety of general business practices, from inventory management, production planning and management, machine maintenance, product lifecycle management (PLM), task scheduling, source relationship management, eCommerce, distribution and supply chain logistics, and more. The capacity of artificial intelligence to develop actionable insight from multiple data pools is sure to make for more robust ERP systems that grant businesses greater understanding and control over every aspect of their business and how each part fits together to make for a better value for customers and clients.

AI will be used in logistics management to improve supply chain management for all kinds of B2B businesses. From allocating labor and vehicles in company fleets for upcoming deliveries, to planning optimized routes and warehousing solutions based upon current needs, to automated package inspection and productivity management tools, AI's capacity to implement detailed quality analysis and find the optimal choices across a wide range of options ensures that it will help B2B businesses find a competitive edge by increasing productivity and efficiency in their logistics operations.

AI will be used in business intelligence (BI) platforms to help coordinate massive amounts of both qualitative and quantitative data, both structured and unstructured, to produce broad and deep business analytics. AI in business intelligence will be used for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics alike, allowing businesses to better understand their current status, the challenges that lie ahead, and what could be done to maximize upcoming opportunities.

CRM artificial intelligence platforms will give businesses a better understanding of all their customers and clients and help them adjust their marketing and sales tactics to best connect to each target demographic with the products, services, and incentives that work best for them. CRM AI may also help with automated lead scoring, allowing B2B businesses to better understand who are their highest value leads and adjust the effort to cultivate those relationships accordingly.

AI can be used in eCommerce to more specifically target various customer demographics with the marketing and incentives that will work best for them, provide deeper insight into buying behavior to create product recommendation engines that present the appropriate products and services to each individual customer and client, personalize shopping experiences based on location and other unique user information, facilitate visual product searches, manage customer and client reviews to prevent spamming, and guide customers and clients through the purchasing process with AI chatbots. The comprehensive interactive features that comprise eCommerce AI have proven to be some of the most exceptional ways businesses can maximize their sales, and represent an exciting opportunity for virtually all B2B businesses.

Virtual assistant AI chatbots can be used by B2B businesses as the first line of communication in the customer service and/or lead cultivation process. Virtual assistant AI chatbots use natural language processing and generation to field inquiries and provide specific information per request in a typically conversational style that feels as natural to the end-user as a real-life text chat. Virtual assistant AI chatbots will help B2B businesses lower the labor they expend on fielding common questions while providing customer support 24/7, day or night, helping improve productivity while also lowering operational costs in both the short and long term.

AI B2B websites support B2B businesses in SEO content creation to help drive traffic to their website and compete for new business, while also personalizing the content presentation to specific user demographics. SEO assistance can include everything from suggesting optimized keywords for URLs, alt tags, titles, and descriptions, to content enhancements using references to other websites, related content curation, and even core content production using natural language processing and generation. Website presentations can be personalized based upon user location as indicated by IP address, referring website link, or by device, browser, or OS accessing the site. Website pathways can be determined based upon user interactions with banners and pop-ups, links, or other browsing behavior coupled with past analytics on website visitors to ensure maximum engagement and conversions. AI chatbots can also be used on AI B2B websites to help users find specific information more quickly, in addition to other support.

Social media AI automation tools may be the perfect solution for B2B businesses to help bolster their online presence with a robust social media optimization strategy. AI can be used to better understand what a business's target demographic is and what kind of content maximizes the chances for engagement on social media channels. Keywords, phrases, hash tags, tone, topics, groups, and imagery can all be suggested to maximize the chance of shares, conversations, and other interactions. AI can also help B2B businesses monitor their social media channels and engage in high value interaction opportunities when they present themselves, helping businesses establish their reputations on social media and increasing the likeliness of making a new lead acquisition.

AI for email marketing can help B2B businesses capitalize on the high potential of email marketing to drive sales of products and new business acquisition. Whether used for more direct marketing of products and services, or to demonstrate expertise in a given subject domain, AI enhanced email marketing helps B2B businesses tailor their message precisely to specific target demographics to ensure each email recipient is presented content that is optimized to their wants and needs and maximizes the chance for conversions. AI can also be used to automate AB testing of email marketing campaigns to allow for a fast observation of the better choices in each campaign and quick conversion of all subsequent emails to the proven higher quality email content. AI can also help time email releases to maximize the chances that they are seen and acted upon for each demographic.

About is an AI software development company that is focused on making custom artificial intelligence systems for the business-to-business sector more affordable and accessible for a broader range of B2B businesses. Backed by a 30-year history as a division of DDA, is experienced in finding creative solutions for a wide variety of B2B businesses, including manufacturers, fabricators, financial services providers, utilities providers, SaaS companies, chemical formulation companies, and more. The company's breakthrough technologies include pioneering the development of interactive and video-based eLearning platforms, virtual medical simulations, custom CRM platforms, medical diagnostic and research platforms, career and education research and planning platforms, and more. Click through the links on this website to learn more about the many ways AI will help B2B businesses, or if you have a more specific need in mind, don't hesitate to reach out and contact today.

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