From a Time When Software Still Came in Boxes is a division of DDA representing the company's new focus on making advanced custom artificial intelligence solutions affordable for the business-to-business sector. As such, it represents DDA's continuing efforts to pioneer new technologies with its signature synergistic approach to design and development that combines elegant aesthetics with powerful functionality to keep end users informed, engaged, and empowered.

Established in 1994, DDA has now marked 30 years of pioneering innovation in digital and interactive media of all kinds. When the company first came on the scene, digital media was still in its infancy and was rarely used in business. DDA's early adoption of digital media and workspaces made it a key leader in the digital revolution, becoming one of the first all-digital marketing and advertising companies in the country. DDA's early marketing efforts included custom oversized postcards promoting digital technologies reading "Digital Is Cool" and "Catch the Digital Wave." DDA made the advantages of the all-digital design environment obvious right from the start by showing how industry standard image manipulation techniques such as color correction are handled more efficiently and effectively in the digital realm. From its founding, DDA was the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania, and would become one of the earliest adopters of other digital technologies throughout its history.

With each expansion of its capabilities, DDA's position as an industry leader was reinforced. The company became one of the first all-digital video and animation studios in the country. In 1996, DDA developed the SureThing™ search engine optimization program—one of the first comprehensive SEO strategies in the country, created years before SEO became a quintessential industry buzzword. DDA's early search engine optimized websites were among the most sophisticated one could find on the early World Wide Web, including some of the first comprehensive eCommerce websites that would eventually help demarcate the industry standard in the field. Indeed, much of what people have come to expect from the websites they visit was established by DDA's early work on the web.

DDA grew along with the expanding technical capacities of digital and interactive media, adding more and more services every year. Custom software and database development, 3D modeling and animation, and a new SureThing™ SEO program that could retrofit existing websites for continual improvement are all examples of some of DDA's early service expansions. With the establishment of the DDA TRAC (Time Resource and ACcounting) system, which allows workers to log in, detail, and categorize time spent on each individual task in a project, DDA brought full transparency in its billing processes. Invoices give clients a full understanding of how time is used in every project using the TRAC. This is just one among numerous examples of DDA's commitment to fair business practices.

DDA's more recent service offerings have been some of the most powerful expansions of capabilities in its history. New interactive features and tracking mechanisms for live and archived streaming webcasts, more detailed website analytics, in-house copywriting, and powerful customer relationship management (CRM) systems have proven to be powerful new additions to DDA's offerings. Responsive website designs optimized for all devices and screen sizes, medical database development for clinical research support, growing mobile app capabilities, and virtual medical simulations are other examples of DDA's more recently acquired skills. Multiple awards have validated DDA's industry-leading role during this time period, including being named one of the ten most dependable search engine marketing firms in the United States, two unsolicited awards for the interactive emergency contraception website, and two Tabby Award wins for Best Healthcare iPad App in 2012 and 2014 for the Philips Xperguide virtual medical simulation and the ETHOS Engage peer-to-peer collaboration and deep learning application.

About represents DDA's efforts to focus on making custom AI software development affordable for a broader range of businesses in the B2B sector. Backed by 30 years of experience with complex, data-driven interactive platforms, is ready to seize the opportunities of the AI infrastructure available to developers today to make advanced artificial intelligence solutions that are designed around the specific goals of the customer to add long-term value for all kinds of B2B businesses. Having served a variety of businesses in the B2B sector, from manufacturers and distributors to financial institutions, utilities, SaaS providers, and more, is prepared to leverage its experience working for a diverse range of businesses to give its clients a competitive edge in their markets through the use of custom AI applications.

Whether one is looking for AI to build advanced ERP and CRM systems, logistics management platforms, business intelligence (BI) applications, eCommerce websites, virtual digital assistants, AI-enhanced websites, AI social media management software, AI email marketing software, or something else, you can count on to find the perfect solution to achieve your goals. Learn more about how AI will support B2B businesses of all kinds by exploring this website, or if you would like to discuss some specific needs you have in mind which may benefit from AI, reach out and contact today.

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