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Social media is playing an increasingly important part of any company's marketing efforts, including B2B businesses. Social media helps initiate and maintain relationships between individuals and businesses, keeping audiences engaged and enhancing brand recognition in the process. But creating optimized social media channels and content, not to mention participating in discussions, can be very time-consuming. Social media AI automation software can substantially lower the labor burden for creating optimized social media channels and content that engage target audiences and produce real value.

Social Media Audience and Competitor Analysis

The first step to understanding how to optimize B2B social media channels is to find the target audiences and see what kind of content gets them engaged with conversation, sharing, website clicks, and other interactions. Social media AI can be used to target particular audiences in various social media channels and create reports on the specific keywords, phrases, topics, brands, and other content that generate high audience engagement. Social media AI can even include visual content analysis to see what kind of images and videos audiences engage with most based. These insights can be segmented for when B2B businesses want to target their message to specific markets, or conglomerated into a global reporting on the most effective content to use across all of a B2B business's markets.

This allows B2B businesses to focus on creating posts and participating in conversations about the products, services, experience, and expertise that is most relevant to the people that are most likely to become their customers and clients. In segmented social media, social media AI can find the groups, hash tags, and other avenues in any given social media channels that lead to the highest engagement among the intended audience, so that when content it is created it can be directed to the best avenues to maximize the chance for engagement and interaction. Social media AI can also analyze competitors to see how the most successful are capturing audience share and what B2B businesses can do to better position themselves in social media spaces by making more relevant and engaging content proven to attract and keep attention.

Social Media Content Creation

Social media AI can also be used to improve social media content creation and timing. The insights of social media AI analysis can be leveraged to create suggested posts based upon the business's current website content plus valuable keywords, hash tags, popular image formats, and more using natural language processing and generation features. These posts can either be reviewed by a social media manager prior to release or even released automatically. Social media AI automation can also analyze audience engagement based on day and time, and schedule release of content for when it is most likely to have maximum impact. As with all AI, the longer the automation tool is put into use, the more it can improve in effectiveness based upon past performance metrics.

Social Media Conversation Monitoring and Management

The most successful social media presences actively participate in conversations with audiences. As engagement is a key goal of all social media, it is important that B2B businesses that seek to optimize their social media channels devote time to respond to comments on their posts and participating in conversations where appropriate. Social media AI automation can notify social media managers when a particular post is generating a substantial amount of interest and deserves some attention. When comments on social media posts indicate a desired response from the business, social media managers can be alerted. AI social media may even be able to automatically answer some questions when website and other business content has answers from which to draw.

Social media AI can also find the groups, hash tags, and other social media segments that represent valuable access to the business's market and alert social media managers of high interest posts that are attracting a substantial amount of audience interaction. This allows social media managers to make sure they are participating in the conversations that are most impactful, offering their expertise and perspective and thus finding another opportunity to support their brand by demonstrating real expertise in their area of focus.

For example, if industry groups are participating in a discussion about changing regulations, B2B businesses can be alerted and offer their insight as to how they navigate clients around the challenges presented by the current regulatory environment. If new technologies prove to be disruptive to a given industry and social media conversations organize around how to respond to those disruptions, B2B business social media managers can enter in the conversation and speak to how they integrate the new technologies in their service offerings, or alternatively what they offer in its place and why that may be advantageous for its customers. By ensuring active participation in conversations that relate directly to the B2B business's core expertise and capabilities, social media AI helps businesses build a strong reputation with their audiences through social media channels, which can lead to new business and a strengthening of existing business relationships.

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