Virtual Digital Assistants

What is a Virtual Assistant?

B2B businesses have a large workload of tasks that do not always require special attention, but still demand time. Virtual digital assistants use artificial intelligence to automate more of these tasks to help reduce workloads and improve workplace efficiencies. Virtual assistant AI can be enhanced by incorporating speech recognition and/or production capabilities, allowing users to speak directly to the virtual assistant and potentially receive a spoken response from its synthetic voice. Virtual digital assistants can be used for a variety of purposes in B2B businesses, including maintaining vehicles and equipment, scheduling meetings, taking meeting minutes, scheduling travel and accommodations, managing human resources, onboarding and training new hires, customer support, and more. is among the few companies working on AI focused specifically on making AI solutions more accessible and affordable for a broader range of businesses in the B2B sector. Learn more about how can enhance your business with AI through the design and development of a custom virtual digital assistant below.

Equipment Maintenance: Prognostics and Diagnostics

Manufacturers, logistics companies, construction, masonry, excavation, landscaping, accommodations, energy providers, ISPs, and other B2B businesses depend heavily on a wide variety of mechanical equipment to provide the products and services they offer. These businesses need to make sure they are maintaining their equipment so they can keep delivering their products and services and expand their customer base over time. Virtual digital assistants can be used for prognostics and diagnostics to examine the data input from IoT devices and determine signs indicating that maintenance or repair will need to be scheduled and when. By ensuring that equipment remains in optimum working conditions, virtual assistants with AI help businesses continue to offer their best, solidifying long-term relationships and helping to promote growth as reputation is thereby enhanced.

Meeting Scheduling and Note-Taking

Meetings are a vital part to many businesses in the B2B sector, but scheduling these meetings across multiple individuals with differing schedules can be a challenge. Virtual digital assistants can leverage available contact and calendar information to find the specific times that work best for everyone involved and send invitations to confirm. Virtual digital assistants can also be used during the meeting itself, transcribing what is spoken, then adding emphasis, headers, and other content to help organize the meeting notes and make them more useful later on. These virtual meeting assistants can also listen for indications of action points articulated during the meeting and highlight those separately so all involved are focused on what they need to do to build off of the discussions that comprise each meeting to move forward.

Transportation and Accommodations Assistance

Virtual assistant AI bots can also be used by B2B businesses to find appropriate transportation and accommodations for business trips. These AI travel advisors can receive the to and from locations and compare all the available flights and flight paths that can be taken, suggesting specific flights based upon the user's travel preferences and budget. Virtual assistant AI bots can likewise find appropriate hotels, bed and breakfasts, or other accommodations based on destination, length of stay, personal preferences, and budgets and suggest the perfect fit for each individual user. Depending upon the transportation or accommodations in question, the virtual assistant may even be able to book flights and stays on behalf of the business as well.

Onboarding and Training

Virtual assistant AI bots can be used to aid in the new employee onboarding and training process. These AI bots can draw from a library of onboarding and training materials and guide new employees step-by-step through the process of getting themselves established in their new position and learning the basics of the job. When they have questions, these new employees can turn to the virtual assistant first, which can use natural language processing machine learning algorithms to determine question intent and provide the information that the new employee seeks. Such virtual training assistants can even be linked to emails, work management software, and other office tools to help workers keep communications clear and ensure that they are operating within the business's standard protocols.

In more physical work disciplines, IoT devices can monitor work output and allow virtual training assistants to correct and help workers in real time. These same features can also be used by employees as they move into different positions and need to familiarize themselves with new skill sets and processes. By providing accessible, full-time help to employees as they come into new jobs, virtual training AI bots can help companies reduce onboarding and training costs, smooth out the dynamics of staff changes, and ensure each worker has a comprehensive and reliable introduction to their job responsibilities to which they can refer back whenever they are in need.

Human Resources Management

Every business is built upon the people that work for it. Human resources management represents a critical control of the quality of work companies produce. Virtual assistant AI bots can help B2B businesses maintain a full staff of skilled, competent, and reliable personnel and use those workers to the best advantage of the business and its customers and clients. Virtual assistants can help change assignments during unanticipated worker absences, or deadline changes that may make previous plans unworkable.

Virtual assistants can use various productivity measures to assess the relative value delivered by each employee and highlight both those performing above and below expectations, encouraging managers to reward high-performing employees and find resolutions for those who are slowing work down. Virtual assistant AI bots can also be used by human resources management to actively search for qualified candidates to fill newly opened job positions based upon the job specifications and hard and soft skills sought by the company. As the virtual assistant continues to be used, the AI bot learns from its history and improves its output, delivering greater value through time.

Voice Command Controls

Virtual assistants can also be used by B2B business workers to allow for voice controls of a variety of business processes. Depending upon the circumstances of the business in question, voice command controls can help managers redirect workflows and reassign to adjust for changing customer needs, report on specific business data, answer questions about new technologies, processes, and regulations, reprioritize projects to meet changing circumstances, and more. Decisions made by voice command may require numerous adjustments to work management software, calendars, assignment descriptions, and more. By creating virtual assistant AI bots custom for the particular business in question, complex work procedures can be managed through voice command control in ways that allow substantial changes in direction with minimal effort on behalf of the manager leading the change.

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